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Offset lithograph print on archival paper, 21 x 29cm

Individually signed and numbered.

This is a limited edition print of 200, from theTiles of Lisbon series.

The Tiles of Lisbon series was borne out of the idea that although the buildings of Lisbon may crumble, the dancing patterns of the azulejos that decorate them remain. Patterns are ephemeral but embedded and even innate in cultures all around the world. Azulejos once decorated the architecture of Moorish and Ancient Roman cities and I hope they will continue to be a transient but everlasting part of our culture.

The original painting is 30 x 40cm in gouache, acrylic and pen on watercolour paper. It is inspired by the graphic ceramic azulejos that give life to the streets of Portugal.

The image is protected in waterproof cellophane and packaged with cardboard supports for shipping.

Lisbon, Orange, Green and Blue

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Returns and refunds accepted in the same condition as sale.

  • Free delivery to central Lisbon.


    Shipping to Portugal €3 for one item, €5 for up to five items.


    Shipping to the EU €5 for one item, €8 for up to five items.


    Shipping worldwide for €7 for one item, €10 for up to five items.

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